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  • He’s a Real Nowhere Man
    Nothing in life is free, it is said, so what is the cost of the things we say in the name of 'free speech' but, more importantly, who pays?
  • What the hell am I doing here?
    I taught myself a new word today - autodidact. Clearly, my attempts at self-education were not as rigorous as I had previously presumed them to have been. You are never too old to learn something new.
  • You Spin Me Right Round Baby
    Earlier in my life I ran a youth drama group. We were …

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Something went wrong around the start of the 21st Century. The crowd was wise. Social Networks replaced individual creativity. There were more places to express ourselves than ever before… yet no one really had anything to say.

Jaron Lanier – You Are Not a Gadget.

Does this have to be our future?

no it doesn’t . . . this is mine