this is . . .

some writing

  • A Trouble Shared
    He must have been troubledHe is not nowHe passed his …
  • But Some’s Got Balls and Chains
    Kempy, on the other hand, down in Bellmarsh, was indulging in a much less hands-on observance of the containment of some of Britains most notorious and violent offenders. And Tommy Robinson.
  • He’s a Real Nowhere Man
    Nothing in life is free, it is said, so what is the cost of the things we say in the name of 'free speech' but, more importantly, who pays?

some photography

  • Play Misty For Me
    Sunday morning, the football teams have turned up to …
  • Going Home
    This is Anne on our way home after a day out in town. …
  • Autumn Walk
    It was a beautiful morning when I took Peppa out …

some music

some baking

  • You Start Me Up
    Making sourdough bread requires a starter - fermented flour and water essentially - and the periodic feeding of said the starter will keep it going indefinately. I made mine originally with some grapes but the upkeep only requires flour and water.
  • You’ve Got To Roll With It
    Today has been a baking day. The first picture is a …

because . . .

Something went wrong around the start of the 21st Century. The crowd was wise. Social Networks replaced individual creativity. There were more places to express ourselves than ever before… yet no one really had anything to say.

Jaron Lanier – You Are Not a Gadget.

Does this have to be our future?

no it doesn’t . . . this is mine