why this?

I am writing a book titled ‘Who Do I Say That I Am?’ and it occurred to me that I ought to offer my own response to that question.

When I am not writing the book or working as an IT consultant I bake bread, I take photographs and I record music.

When I tried to find a way of sharing this activity in a way that I could maintain some control over I struggled with the more commonly adopted means of doing so. The streams of activity shared through social media become tributaries to torrents of information.

This deluge is dampening our creativity, saturating our senses and slowly drowning us.

It is not always obvious which platform to choose and it is difficult to be distinctive. Ultimately, I feel the platform owners decide how I am presenting both myself and my activities however individual they try to male me feel.

My writing will be stored here, my photographs will be on Flickr and my music will be uploaded to Soundcloud.

The bread will all be in my kitchen so you will have to come round for that.

So please take some time to look around, bookmark this page and check back in from time to time.