The way this site started was when I started to log the activities of a group Anne and I were forming at church. I wanted to record what was going on at the time and found that I enjoyed writing about the activities more than the activities themselves.

This developed to the extent that I was writing more broadly about more general topics. This has culminated in my attempting to write a book.

There will be excerpts from the book published on this site as well as other ideas and musings.

Most of the posts are in the writing category as I have imported the original blog posts in here so it’s worth a look back through the posts if you have the time to spare.

some more writing

  • The Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Beat
    The rhythm of life is indeed powerful and it is has taken something of a kicking over the past 6 months, enough to make anyone's toes tingle.
  • Let It Go
    The list of books I will never write is getting ever longer. Up there with “I Never Went to The Hacienda” is “The Pathetic Guide to Parenting” my handbook on how to bring up children.
  • Break From The Old Routine
    We are having to adjust to a new abnormal.
  • God is Watching Us
    It seems incredible that the concept of social distancing had never been heard of until a few days ago and now it is literally everywhere.
  • We Were Talking…
    We are hearing a lot about social distancing at the moment. Like most countries in the world we are in the grip of the virus known as COVID-19. The latest variant of the Coronavirus strain somehow passed from animal to human and is spreading, relentlessly, across the globe.
  • A Trouble Shared
    He must have been troubledHe is not nowHe passed his …
  • But Some’s Got Balls and Chains
    Kempy, on the other hand, down in Bellmarsh, was indulging in a much less hands-on observance of the containment of some of Britains most notorious and violent offenders. And Tommy Robinson.
  • He’s a Real Nowhere Man
    Nothing in life is free, it is said, so what is the cost of the things we say in the name of 'free speech' but, more importantly, who pays?
  • What the hell am I doing here?
    I taught myself a new word today - autodidact. Clearly, my attempts at self-education were not as rigorous as I had previously presumed them to have been. You are never too old to learn something new.
  • You Spin Me Right Round Baby
    Earlier in my life I ran a youth drama group. We were …