baking bread

I try to bake a loaf of bread each week or at least pizza dough.

I am currently trying to perfect my sourdough. I will post recipes and tips as well as images of the loaves.

Look out for posts in the ‘baking’ category.

Unfortunately the only way you can taste the fruits of my endeavours is to come visit.

Please do.

some more baking

  • Overnight Sourdough
    This is my current favourite thing to bake. Once you get into the habit of the routine it is easy to fit into a day. I am lucky in that I work from home a couple of days a week so it is relatively easy for me to do this.
  • You Start Me Up
    Making sourdough bread requires a starter - fermented flour and water essentially - and the periodic feeding of said the starter will keep it going indefinately. I made mine originally with some grapes but the upkeep only requires flour and water.
  • You’ve Got To Roll With It
    Today has been a baking day. The first picture is a …